Rocky Mountain Tour

May 2020: Rocky Mountain Tour

On this trip, students will experience many activities such as helicopter rides, gondolas to the top of the world, boat tour's and a general family road trip experience. This trip is for students who want to see one of the big wonders in Canada, The Canadian Rocky Mountains. This trip includes all meals, spending money, any equipment needed, transportation, and accommodations.

Components of this trip are optional, and can help decrease the projected cost below. Additionally, the trip is modeled on a lower number of students attending. If the number is over the projections, the costs will decrease.

Additionally, students will enjoy optional helicopter tour, Banff springs, lake louise, and kayaking. In previous years, several of our students have enjoyed the experience, and will likely promote the trip if you ask them about their experience.

During the evenings, students bunk up in queens (2s), and enjoy the hot tub, pool, wireless, and a good conversation with their peers. Banff is a place where students form bonds for life, and come to appreciate the vastness of the mountains in BC.





May 17th - May 22nd

Canadian Rockies

$2250 CAD

Late Registrations

After April 15th, 2020

May 17th - May 22nd

Canadian Rockies

$2750 CAD

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Late Sign-ups: Forms that are completed after April 15th, 2020.

This costing model is a result of unknown student #s, accommodations, and chaperone ratios and other costs related to last minute adds by families.

Trip Leaders: If trips other trips are cancelled, students can be added to this trip at the late registration cost 45 days prior to the trip. (April 1st, 2020)


If this trip has more than 15 students attending, the cost of the trip will be lower than projected above.

Last Year's Draft Itinerary

2019 V2: Rocky Mountain Tour (Student Information Sheet)