Trips & tours

The School works hard to ensure our student have a global minded outlook. This manifests itself in the classrooms, in the residences and through our Boarding Life curriculum. It is also one of the drivers behind our desire to create opportunities for our students and staff to have experiences beyond the gates of our campus.

Each year the School offers a number of trips and tours to different locations around the globe. Many athletic tours take place each year and students will be informed of the options by their respective team coaches. In this website you will find information on the trips that are available to the general student body although there may be some restrictions on certain trips.

Please note that some mid-term break trips may be required to allow only International students. This allows students who do not have the time to travel all the way home for a short break, the ability to have an adventure while still in the School's care. These trips may be open to all students should registration allow.

Important Note

During this school year the School will remain open during breaks to accommodate students who are unable to find accommodation elsewhere. Trips listed on this website provide your son or daughter with programming throughout the West Coast of Canada. If you have questions about the on-campus school programming during these breaks, please contact Liam.Sullivan [at]